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Greatsoil is proud to carry Genuine Marathon Sod, grown for Southern California's soil and climates. We are happy to assist in your selection of the best sod for your needs, as well as the appropriate soil base selection. The chart below offers a starting point when selecting sod for your specific needs. Please contact us to set up an order.

Sod/Seed Chart Selector

Genuine Marathon® Sod

Highest Quality Sod

  • Marathon is a thicker, finer more uniform turf with a natural dark green color year-round.  We never use dye to cover weather damage, production shortcuts or genetic flaws.
  • Marathon is comprised of proprietary grass varieties which have been bred specifically for adaptability to Southern California climate and soils.
  • Marathon is produced under ideal growing conditions in coastal Ventura County using sophisticated high-tech production techniques, including patented equipment.

Freshest Sod

  • Only Marathon Sod is vacuum cooled before shipment to prevent spoilage prior to installation. All sod is at the installation site less than 24 hours after harvest.

Most Reliable and Convenient Delivery

  • Southland Sod has more trucks on the road than any other sod farm. That means our fleet can spread out to cover the entire Southern California region with individual trucks assigned to serving small areas of local communities, ensuring that everyone in the area gets their sod on time.
  • Our all-terrain forklifts can place the sod at the most convenient locations for easy installation.

Guaranteed for One Full Year

  • If any of the sod dies after meeting minimum care requirements we will provide free replacement sod.

Homeowner Help

  • Southland stands behind its products with a toll-free “homeowner helpline” and field representatives.  Every effort is made to answer questions or solve problems including supplying replacement sod per the guarantee. We want you to tell your friends how happy you are with your lawn and our company.

Southland Sod Farms is Southern California’s Largest Sod Grower

  • Our family owners have been growing grass longer than any competitor. We know what we are doing and we will be here if you need us.
  • We have the largest distributor network.  

Marathon’s Proven Reputation for Beauty and Durability

  • That’s why it is southern California’s most popular sod with over 2 million lawns delivered.  It is the only choice of quality conscious professional landscape contractors. Why take a chance on lower quality sod just to save a few cents per square foot?